Tuesday, 15 October 2019


The vein markings of marble play with the space around it and move it to create striking effects. In Creative, the sheen of the materials...
The research into the raw material and technology in order to make the material flexible to use achieved...
Alabastro Stone
This luxury collection with a specular design has been rightly inserted among ST’s most exclusive collections. The superb details...
Marble Stone
A very rare collection characterised mainly by delicate shades of colour and a rather homogenous design, with extended areas...
Palissandro is a prized Italian marble found in the Dolomites, and has been used in architecture for centuries. It is made up of heterogeneous shades...
Tivory is ST’s interpretation of the Rapolano marble. The result, obtained using the digital technique applied to ceramics, is a collection in porcelain stoneware that reproduces and interprets...
Desert - Cloud - Fog - Storm
Vie Romane
Via Cassia - Via Appia - Via Romea
Nero - Snow White - Grigio - Snow Grey - Cioccolato - Snow Chocolate
Burnt - Husck - Ketun
A journey to discover new ways of thinking about the ceramic...
Project 20
4 sizes
The balance between rigor, creativity, simplicity and elegance. Cromie absolute is intended for essential and contemporary indoor or outdoor...
Tatami lies at the heart of the Japanese home living culture, a fl ooring made from woven rice straw matting, designed to live the home atmosphere in total harmony, walk barefoot and fully enjoy the warmth...