Monday, 12 April 2021

About Us


Our philosophy is to work with enthusiasm, determination and energy, studying and developing innovative products characterised by an unmistakable identity and supported by a first class research.

Selection of raw materials and an almost obsessive attention to detail are our starting points and strong points.

In summary, we have a pragmatic and highly creative business vision based on the experience and know-how of our entire staff – a staff that comes to work every day with passion, enthusiasm and firm belief.

100% Made in Italy

The 100% MADE IN ITALY S T PLUS brand is synonymous with quality, style and ethics.
S T PLUS puts the 100% MADE IN ITALY mark on all products designed, engineered and manufactured exclusively in Italy; a perfect synergy between technology and sustainability.
made in italy

ST has always been considering environmental protection a matter of great importance and is vigorously investing to sustain it..